About Us

OGM International’s Group Founder, Jakkie van Jaarsveld and CEO is a Security specialist, with extensive experience in the field of providing security services and planning for the Oil, Gas and Marine industry in the Middle East, Far East, Europe and Africa.

Jakkie comes from a SAPS background. He was part of a small specialist team better known as the Reaction Unit (SWAT). During his employment, he received the Silver Cross for Bravery. After 10 years with the SAPS, Jakkie joined a Mini-Submarine Project with Silver Crest Submarines where he qualified as a Deep Sea Submersible Pilot.

In 2003 Jakkie ventured into Oil, Gas, and Marine Security Management and Consultancy. He was involved in a number of security projects globally. Jakkie’s proven professional international track record and experience in Security Project Management, Security Management and Consultancy in the Oil, Gas and Marine industry and other sectors, make him an industry specialist of the highest caliber and a worthy founder of OGM International.

OGM International is a private security company specializing in National and International security risks. OGM International focuses primarily on security solutions for all sectors tailored to the needs of each customer. Our experience and expertise enable us to identify risks and implement effective security solutions complying with international standards in the security industry.


Neutrality – Integrity – Professionalism – Confidentiality Respect for individuals, cultures and institutions, moral ethics in business and mutual confidence are fundamental components of the OGM approach. Further to this, OGM is committed to best practice approaches, employing highly trained industry specific professionals, adhering to all legal standards and offering current technology know how and backup.


Ethics and integrity are fundamental values within our company.OGM’s neutral and non-political status provides for an impartial attitude in line with its historical culture and the principles of humanitarian and Human Rights rulings. On a permanent basis, our company is committed to respect the national and international laws and make sure the team members comply with OGM ‘s Code of Conduct and policies, including QHSE. OGM endeavors to meet all necessary conditions relating to ethical decision-making.


OGM has a duty towards honesty and offers full transparency at all times. Our company maintains a permanent communication line with clients to inform and update consistently with regards to progress. OGM is founded on team spirit and provides a network of experienced and professional staff covering all business security requirements.


OGM methodology is based on best practices and international standards that create a secure working environment. Our team members are able to develop strategies, plans and procedures with a result driven approach in meeting our customers’ unique security needs. OGM consistently stays ahead with technology and industry specific knowhow. In line with our global approach and the “In depth Protection” concept, OGM offers appropriate and realistic security advice to all of our clients to ensure a real-time first-class service.