Provision of Master Security Plan

At OGM International we will personalize your Master Security Plan to your needs and detailed on specific sector.  We proved master security plans for all the sectors including Minin, Farming, Commercial, Hospitality and many more.  Below are some bullet points as example for a master security plan.

Personnel Protection

  • A security breach/incident reporting procedure
  • A contingency plan including specific procedures for emergency and crisis situations
  • Ongoing monitoring procedure for the deployment of security personnel.
  • Implementation of movement security procedures
  • Security training courses, drills and exercises, including security briefings for site personnel, contractor staff and visitors

Site Protection

  • A dedicated security command and control structure(control room)
  • When necessary, an appointed security representative (sell manager) for each site/house/ area
  • A specific security plan for each location, including visitor access control procedures
  • A relevant set of security equipment and dedicated communication means

Image Protection

  • Proactive implementation of both “Voluntary Principles and Human rights”, and corporate “Security Policy Statement”.
  • Societal aspects knowledge and environmental practices chart for employees and contractors

Information Protection (Information security procedures)

  • Project-owned data protection
  • Site and office access control


  • Project outlines
  • Security policy
  • Security organization
  • Security management responsibilities
  • Security contacts
  • Records

Security Assessment

  • Part 1 Initial security assessment
  • Part2 Ongoing security assessment
  • Part 3 Security information flows

Security Level Color Code to be explained

Site Security Equipment

  • Equipment (type, operational performance, maintenance, calibration)
  • Manning (operators training, human resource management)

Access Control Procedures

  • ID Scanner and control
  • Restricted access areas
  • Key and padlock management procedures
  • Security watches and patrols procedures

Security Communication Network

  • Part1 Networking chart
  • Part2 Technical specifications
  • Part3 Frequencies and call signs
  • Part4 Encryption

Information Security

  • Data protection procedures
  • Procedures to protect information in offices
  • Stand-alone computer platforms protection procedures when applicable

Movement Security procedures

  • Command and control
  • On-board vehicles security guards
  • Recovery means
  • Communication means

Contingency Plan

  • Security incident/breach reporting
  • Firearms management policy
  • Use of force
  • Security threats procedures
  • Suspicious package
  • Unsolicited visits, introductions
  • Other procedures

Crisis Management

  • Crisis management sell/team
  • Interfaces (crisis contacts, internal/eternal actors)