Kidnap and Ransom

OGM International provide specialized services in the event of a Kidnap and ransom incident (negotiation and recovery); in unique and different challenges to corporations, families and others involved. Specialist knowledge, commitment and experience is required to successfully resolve incidents in a timely fashion.

Our case officers/key consultants come from former senior ranks of government or of information organizations and they have personally led the response to kidnap and ransom incidents over lengthy of time. OGM International kidnap and ransom case offers can also advise to handle, avoid and overcome kidnap and/or ransom situations.

OGM International offers discreet, strictly confidential, investigative services to meet any size of brief from personalized individual investigation to larger companies and information cells. OGM International lead case officer will be responsible to handle all sensitive information discreetly and confidential.

  • Gathering of information and evidence
  • Pattern-identification information software and personalized data analysis
  • Providing training and company policies in regard to K&R management
  • Tracing, identifying and analyzing in successful recovery
  • Integrated case management
  • Process reviews & consultancy on policies and controls when investigations highlight a security area

  • Extraction

  • Media Handling