Crisis Management

OGM designs and implements training and evaluation packages for our client’s crisis managers and provide a 24-hour global response and crisis coordination service. In the event of a kidnap, OGM is an experienced and successful provider of global response solutions.

Crises events are unexpected, financially costly and often cause physical damage. The timing of events such as environmental disaster, industrial accident, terrorist attack or kidnap cannot be predicted, but the right crisis management plan can mitigate the damage. OGM International designs and implements Crisis Management Policies, Plans and Procedures for organizations of all sizes. We run training and evaluation packages for our client’s crisis managers and provide a 24-hour global response and crisis coordination service.

Crisis management consultancy

OGM specializes in helping established or expanding businesses to develop robust crisis management policies to support their specific needs. We can provide our services on an individual basis or integrated as part of a complete risk review. Clients often ask us to start afresh and we begin with a comprehensive risk review of their current Crisis Management Policies, Plans and Procedures to produce a detailed report or proposal where we present our findings, recommendations and a suggested action plan. We then support clients with the practical implementation of these recommendations through the delivery of training, scenario-based exercises. Where required, organizational restructuring and change management programs can be facilitated to achieve best results.

Response to Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion 

OGM is an experience and successful response company, providing a global Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion response capability from our two 24-hour response centres. We have been providing response services to cooperate companies; insurance companies for over 10 years. Our case officers have hours and hours of operational experience providing response and prevention training services across the world.

Evacuation and contingency planning and support

Companies operating outside of the developed world frequently require a service provider who can provide evacuation and contingency planning and assistance in the event of natural disaster or unforeseen political events. Solutions range from contingency planning provided by the Crisis Management team to evacuation assistance in times of need. OGM have a proven track record of providing solutions in times of crisis in Africa and the Middle-East.

Media Handling

Media management during a crisis is often overlooked or poorly handled due to a lack of preparation yet can seriously impact on commercial operations or a client’s reputation. OGM recognizes media handling and crisis communication skills to be a core component of the successful management of a crisis or emergency. To cater for this specialized area, we provide a comprehensive media management training package to equip clients with the skills and confidence to manage all aspects of the multi-faceted 24/7 nature of local and global media.