Investigation Services

Our Investigations division comprises an in-house team supported by a network of regional associates and risk specialists. OGM provides tailored research and analysis to support our clients in the commercial and non-commercial decision-making processes.

OGM International provides high-quality, individually tailored products to support and guide our clients in the commercial decision-making process. Our Insight & Investigations division is composed of an in-house team supported by a network of regional associates and risk specialists operating in the field to provide real-time information. With exposure and expertise across the security and political sectors, our regional experts utilize open and confidential sources to provide detailed and up-to-date information and analysis for both operational and strategic needs.


OGM provides investigative services to meet briefs in litigation support, fraud investigations and asset recovery and more. Our timely and responsive services help our clients investigate wrong-doing and identify crucial pieces of information. OGM can also advise in cases of surveillance and provide technical surveillance counter-measures.

Due Diligence

OGM conducts commercially sensitive research and analysis on competitors, potential partners and new markets. We support our clients’ strategic needs and decisions, with a focus on supporting investors and companies working in emerging markets. Our Insight & Investigations division utilizes a network of consultants and local associates to gather information unavailable through commercial channels and open sources in order to produce high-quality products of real commercial value.