Security Consulting

OGM provide high-end security personnel with experience in unstable environments to protect clients in multiple countries.

OGM’s experts offer a range of training and specialized programs to develop skills for in-house teams. Decision Making, Crisis Management and Communications Training, Hands-on
Personal Security Training –developed by OGM and a leading university to give people skills they require to manage security projects, are examples.

Travel Security

OGM has access to vital insights from country and regional security sources, access to investigations, due diligence, fact-finding and cultural assessments which help any organisation
in reducing risk, saving valuable time, money and resources to enable long term planning prior to traveling.

Logistics Security

Moving high value goods around the world can leave them vulnerable to theft, damage or hijacking. OGM’s logistics security includes consignment planning and a range of tracking
technologies as well as in transit guarding services.

Site Security

Our site and facility security services provide comprehensive measures to secure any facility. Using technology and highly trained personnel, OGM designs and provides the most
appropriate protective services for each location.

Security Consulting

OGM has experts who can design protective services for every situation whether it is for an Oil & gas plant, pipeline, mine, power station, diplomatic facility, industrial or commercial
property, harbor area, dock, airports or transport infrastructure.

Security Risk Analysis

OGM has the expertise to analyse the security functionalities utilized by corporate companies as an independent and provide in depth solutions driven options for optimum protection
of assets, people and property. This includes criminal checks, fingerprinting and background checks of existing and future staff to prevent internal collusion.